Speaker Questions

When we have a better grasp of our schedule and visitations, you will need to turn in three questions (good questions, not vague, boring questions) to ask at that place. For instance, we know we will be visiting Zandra Rhodes - look into her history a little. Think up three good questions to have ready when we visit her atelier in London. Go beyond, "How did you get started in fashion?"

Remember that most people remember you by the questions you ask. If you don't ask questions, it indicates that you aren't interested. If you ask the same old, boring questions that they get time after time, they won't be interested in you. Dig into the specifics.

I will give you a list later in the semester. Yes, you will type these questions up and turn them into me for a grade. Yes, you are expected to take them with you so you have something to ask during the visitations.