Assignment Policies

Assignments and Projects:
All assignments and projects are due at the beginning of class on the dates given.  No assignments or projects will be accepted after the beginning of class on the assigned date.

All projects and assignments must be original.  They cannot be re-used from another class.

There will be a sign-in sheet for each assignment and projects.  These are used to record receipt of the assignment as well as the date and time of the receipt.   This is a separate page from the attendance sheet.  This is for your protection as well as the instructor’s.  It is your responsibility to sign your assignment in.

Late Assignments:
Absolutely NO late assignments or projects will be accepted except from those who have an excused absence (excluding University-approved absences).  Those with University-approved absences must turn in their projects BEFORE the absence unless other arrangements are made prior to the absence.  Any other work that is not turned in on time or early will not be accepted and therefore will be recorded as a zero (0) in the gradebook.  Those with an EXCUSED absence (must have proper documentation – see absence policy) must submit their work by the beginning of the next class period.

Means of Evaluation:

A.  Grading Criteria: 

  • Pattern Notebook Submissions          45%
  • Gerber Assignments                             10%
  • Quizzes (2)                                              5%
  • Tear Sheet Notebook                            10%
  • Final Project                                           30%

    Total % =                                            100%

B.  Student Evaluation: 
Students will be evaluated on their ability to meet the course objectives based on their fulfillment of the class projects and assignments.  This includes:

  • Ability to follow directions
  • Flat Pattern Work
    • Quality, accuracy, correctness
    • The way the garment is constructed, via the pattern, to successfully achieve quality workmanship, fit, and wearability
  • Pattern Design
    • Creative approach to obtaining garment shape
  • Quality and Workmanship of Sewn Muslin Garment
  • Pattern Sketches    
  • Neatness and Completeness                   

Grades are as follows:

90% or higher   -  A
80% - 89%        -  B
70% - 79%        -  C
60% - 69%        -  D
59% & below    -  F

Projects and Assignments:
Pattern Notebook:

You will have 7 groups of pattern manipulations to complete during the semester.  On average, each submission contains about 15-20 manipulations (sometimes more, sometimes less).  Some of these will be executed in class, the rest will be homework.  All manipulations must be cleaned up and completed before submission.

In addition to the patterns, you must complete muslins (test garments) of 2 manipulations for each submission.  These manipulations are marked.

You will also submit the entire completed notebook the day of the final for one more grade.  All mistakes must be corrected at this time.

There are additional requirements for submission.  These are posted on the website.   These cannot be the same assignments that you turn in for other classes

Tear Sheet Notebook:
You will collect interesting examples of patternwork from magazines, the internet, and any other sources, and put them into a notebook for reference.  Additional requirements are posted on the website.
These cannot be the same assignments that you turn in for other classes

You will have 2 written quizzes.  These will be short and are meant to test you over basic patternmaking information.

Gerber Assignments:
There will be 3 assignments that utilize the Gerber Garment Technology software.  Further details are posted on the website.  These cannot be the same assignments that you turn in for other classes

Final Project:
This will be an original design.  It must be a complete ensemble (dress, skirt and top, etc.)  You will create the pattern(s) for your design, make a muslin test garment, and then a finished sample garment or if you prefer, a final garment.  All three parts will be submitted along with an illustration of your garment.   You will present this to the class on the day of the final.  Further specifications will be given to you on-line and in class.

NOTE: You are responsible for any changes to the project/assignment specifications made orally in class.  Please pay attention when projects are being reviewed, ask ahead of time if you want to get started early and find out if you missed anything when absent.


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