Tear Sheet Notebook

This will be a collection of magazine photos, internet prints and photos from any other sources. The purpose is to collect examples of interesting pattern work and to help raise your awareness of how garments are made.

  • In your notebook…

    • Pictures must be neatly trimmed – no torn edges
    • They must be in plastic page protectors, one page per protector or front and back (be consistant)
    • Place paper between pics that are smaller than full page
    • Title Page on interior of notebook
    • Cover for Notebook (on outside) with name and title (separate from title page)
  • Find 30 example of interesting patternwork. Garments in which you can see the seams, but are made a bit differently are the best examples. If you can't see how it's made, it's not very useful.
  • If you've gone through Illustration, you're welcome to add this to your Swipe Notebook, just adjust the table of Contents and Tabs.

Sample Gradesheet

2331 Syllabus