Assignment Policies
Student Evaluation: 

Students will be evaluated on their ability to meet the course objectives based on their fulfillment of the class projects and assignments. 
                        90% or higher   -  A
                        80% - 89%        -  B
                        70% - 79%        -  C
                        60% - 69%        -  D
                        59% & below    -  F

Homework (5 total)




Book Report


Tests (4, excluding Final)


Final Exam




Assignment Policy:  All assignments and projects are due at the beginning of class on the dates given.  No assignments or projects will be accepted after the beginning of class on the assigned date.

There will be a sign-in sheet for each assignment and projects.  These are used to record receipt of the assignment as well as the date and time of the receipt.  This is a separate page from the attendance sheet.  This is for your protection as well as the instructor’s.  It is your responsibility to sign your assignment in.

Late Assignments:  LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.   All assignments are due at the beginning of class unless otherwise noted in the syllabus.  Assignments must be turned in using Email.  Only students with an excused absence (doctor’s note required) will not be faulted for a late assignment.  However, the assignment must be made up by the next class period following the absence, or the late policy will apply.  Those who have skipped class and do not have acceptable documentation of illness or family emergency will not have this grace period.  Their assignments will be graded as late regardless of the absence.

NOTE: You are responsible for any changes to the project/assignment specifications made orally in class.  Please pay attention when projects are  being reviewed, ask ahead of time if you want to get started early and find out if you missed anything when absent.  

Performance Level:  To obtain an “A” in this course, the student must maintain accuracy.  In addition, every project is to be on time, with no more than 2 absences.  Only the highest-level students will receive an “A”.  Simply being present and turning in assignments does not “entitle” one to an “A”.  Nor does it “entitle” one to any other passing grade.  Only absolute excellence in work and a terrific attitude as well as other factors earns one an “A”.  Even just to receive a passing grade will require a lot of hard work and diligence to meet the requirements of the course and the assignments.  A passing grade does not mean that the project was merely completed, but that it was also deemed acceptable by the instructor and met ALL of the guidelines.  


Tests:  Students are required to take all tests.  Makeup exams will only be given if the student has a documented absence.  All makeup exams will be in essay form.

Final:  You will must attend the final and take the test on the day of the final at the specified time.  Further specifications will be given to you in class or on-line.If you do not attend the final and take the test you will fail the class. Late tests will not be given nor will early ones. No changes can be made to tests after submission. We will not wait for you. If you are not on time, you will not be allowed to take the test. You must have to the discipline to get yourself to the final on time.

Book Report:  Students are required to read one of the books from the provided list. They will write a report about the book.  The report will summarize the book and provide a critique.  The report will be a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 5 pages.  These books may not be available in the UIW library.  You may need to order them or buy them from a bookstore or check them out from another library. 

Book List:  Women of Silk, The Story of Silk, Women’s Work.  You may suggest a book but it must deal with textiles in some form and must be approved by the instructor.