• A T-shirt pattern from the Armstrong book, pg. 636 or the Knit book, if you have it.
    • The t-shirts must have:
      • a neckbank (ribbing or self)
      • sleeves
      • hems on bottom and sleeve
    • Please ONLY alter the fit, length and neckline. Don't add gathers, extra seams, or anything else fancy beyond the basic T UNLESS you have been through knit class AND I have given you special permission. This is because you will have to sew the T in ONE DAY in Apparel 3. .


  1. A complete paper pattern using the pattern guidelines (neatness REALLY counts) (85%)
  2. A test muslin using the muslin guidelines. Use similar weight stretch jersey to intended fashion fabric for the design pattern (last pattern). (15%)
  3. A Direction Card for the pattern. (5%)



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