Contest Garment Group

The contest garment group is actually SEVERAL Project and project grades. It will also take up the majority of the semester and is interrelated to the Journal.

Preliminary homework grades:

You will submit and will be graded for each stage of the creation process. Each ensemble (see part one below) will have a submission point for patternwork and muslin, sample, and initial completed garment. These will be graded using the gradesheets posted below. The grades for these initial submissions count as homework grades. Not until the finished units are submitted do they count as a project grade.

Project grade components:

Part 1, Grade 1:

Using the research and development you did for the Design Journal, you will select 1 ensemble designs to create and complete. The garment and sample will be graded using the grade sheet below that best matches the type of garment/ensemble it is.

Part 2, Grade 2:

You will complete, clean-up to production standards, label and submit a complete set of patterns for your ensemble.

Part 3, Grade 3:

You will choose from your Design Journal 7 more ensembles that go appropriately with the ensembles you are completing to make a total of 8 ensembles. Then you use these 8 to make a presentation for you portfolio, including a photo of the one you completed.

Full specifications should be downloaded:


Pattern Gradesheet

Muslin Gradesheet

GARMENT/Sample Grades sheets: Strapless, After 5/evening, After 5 w/o closures, Jackets, Daywear, Avante garde, Career wear & Dresses

Link to Career Day Rules

Pattern Standards

Muslin and Sample Garment Standards

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