Design Journal

The Design Journal is a tool to help a designer (student or otherwise) capture and develop ideas. It starts out with vague ideas of inspiration and slowly slows the development of a full line or group.

We will use our Journal to develop several groups. This way you will get used to the idea of design as a progressive process.

Initially, you will use it to develop your Contest Garment and a group that goes with it. Later you will use it to develop another portfolio line and lastly you will use it to develop a group for the Final.

You will submit your Journal 6 times for a grade. The first 5 times, it will count as assignment grades. The last time, it will be looked at much more in depth and will count as a project grade.

You should be using your Seivewright text as a guide as to how to create a Design Journal.

The journal:

  • Should be a large sketchbook or series of sketchbooks
  • Must be creative/artistic (not messy) in presentation, layout and thought
  • Must include many types of things - not just sketches and copies
  • Must include some primary source material, not just stuff from books, magazines, and the internet (meaning you must get out in the real world and sketch things for yourself)

The first submission can be paper journal or Pinterest board or what ever else works for you THAT CAN BE SUBMITTED TO ME, but should include:

  • The sources of your inspiration for the Contest Garment group. I ask that you use at least 2 incongruent or unassociated ideas and make them work together (like nails, cake frosting, and Renaissance Art have nothing to do with each other, but it might be interesting).
  • Color Development/story - what are your ideas for color?
  • Fabric Development - include swatches, info and thoughts
  • target customer report
  • trends
  • Starting sketches
  • Constantly keep emphasizing and further developing your inspiration and design direction

The second submission should include:

  • more sketches (at least 50 COHESIVE ensembles required)
  • more everything
  • A narrative for the group
  • This can be paper journal or a combination of paper and digital

The third submission should include:

  • First inspiration development for final
  • First idea sketches
  • Any other supporting material

The fourth submission should include:

  • More developed inspiration pages for final
  • Some color/fabric development
  • Target customer research
  • trend research
  • More developed idea sketches

The fifth submission must follow the specifications from the Final Project.

The Final submission must include:

  • The inspiration and design development for the next 2 design projects (Movie & Final)
  • At least another 20 sketches for the Movie Project
  • Meet all specifications for the Final Project
  • Shows finalization of ideas for all 3 design projects, including detail drawings of how things are made
  • Will be graded AS A WHOLE.


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