Flats Project


The purpose of this project is to apply skills learned in drawing flats, basic designing, and demonstrating a knowledge of garment construction and attention to details.

You will:

  1. choose a clear photo of shirt you like in which all the details can be seen. You will submit this photo along with the rest of the project, so don't lose it.
  2. Design 5 new shirts based on the orginal.
    1. They should be a cohesive line
    2. You will need to sketch more than 5 in order to come up with 5 good ones that go together well.
    3. They should all be the same fabric
  3. Draw front AND back flats for each of the 5 new shirts
  4. Ink them
    1. Be consistant about line weight usage
    2. Be very neat
    3. Erase all pencil
  5. Make sure you name is on all of the flats and the original photo