Mini Design Line

This mini project will count for 2 Weekly Illustration Grades (excluding any weekly illustration grades that lead up to it).

  • You will pick a theme to design for. This will be explained in class
  • You will design 3 ensembles (an ensemble is a whole outfit, what one person wears head to toe)
    • Merchandising students may use a pre-made line from a company
  • The ensembles must be a line.
    • They are for the same season, age range, price range, end use, size range
    • They have the same personality
    • They are made of the same fabrics and use the same colors
    • They are the same garment type (all daywear, or all career wear, or all swimwear, etc.), no mixing
    • They all fit the theme and go together
  • Illustrate the 3 ensembles on fashion figures, in full color
  • Make flats (front only) for all 3 ensembles
    • In black and white
    • In ink
    • Use the Flats croquis figure
    • Use a ruler
    • Must have every single construction detail
  • Make backgrounds that go with the theme but don't overwhelm the illustrations
  • Title the line and make sure the title is present on the first page
    • Use of text, letter, fonts, presentation of text and layout are very important considerations
    • No handwriting
  • Present the figures and flats across two facing pages, with the backgrounds and the title
  • Make sure all pieces are glued securely and neatly.
  • You will be graded on:
      • Overall look and ability to sell line
      • Layout
      • Neatness, professionalism
      • Ease of “Read” (ability to understand line), design communication
      • Illustrations
      • Artistic look
      • Ability to garner attention
      • Spelling, grammar, use of text
      • Accuracy of construction details in designs