10% of grade

You will keep a sketchbook throughout the semester. Each week you will be expected to draw an assigned # of sketches (even when other projects are due). This will be checked off in class and you will submit the whole sketchbook periodically for more in-depth checking and comments. At the end of semester you will submit the sketchbook for a final grade. This is a combination of the number of sketches and the quality of the work (particularly the amount of time spent working on the sketches as reflected in the drawings).

You will be given your topic for sketches each week. For instance, the first week is always the basic face-forward female fashion figure without movement on the 10-head grid. Be sure to listen for the topic.

This is in a 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch sketchbook.


  • Number the pages sequentially 1-50 or 55 or 60 or however many sketches we end up with AND date the pages.
  • Print your name on the outside front cover of the sketchbook