Assignment 5

From Textbook:

Part 1: Chapter 5, activity #4

Type the questions and answers in Microsoft Word or other appropriate software. Print and place in folder with material specified below. Submit in person in class.

2.5 to 5 pages. Double-spaced.

Submit with clear photos of all 10 garments. Attach these at the end of the paper and label them. Treat them as an Appendix. (Not part of the page count.)

Part 2: Flats

Every team member must draw a front flat for all 10 garments. This is to be in correct proportions and in ink on tracing or white paper or done on the computer and printed. Neatness counts. Each flat needs to be appropriate size for a 1/2 page figure (like we worked with in class).

Each team member should write his or her name on his or her flats. All pages are to be put in a folder with part 1 and submitted in class.


When typing your homework, please include:

  1. Your names
  2. FMGT 3340
  3. Assignment #
  4. Date Due

Please be pay attention to:

  1. Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Use complete sentences (that read clearly)
  4. And of course, accuracy of answer

Double check everything before submitting it.

Syllabus 3340