Assignment Instructions

You will have 9 assignments spread throughout the semester.  

ALL OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS ARE GROUP PROJECTS!!!  You will chose a group of 3-4 at the beginning of the semester and you will have the same group through the entire semester.  Make sure you group has at least 1 design student and 1 merchandising student as the assignments require the knowledge of both areas.

15%  of each assignment grade is from your partners’ evaluation of you.  Understanding, that if all your other partners give you a zero, this is the overriding final grade for you.

5 pts of each assignment grade is turning in the evaluations of your other team members (forms are on-line and must be printed out).

All assignments are posted on-line.

These are designed to test your understanding of the class lessons and your ability to combine skills.  These cannot be the same assignments that you turn in for other classes

Absolutely NO late assignments or projects will be accepted. Any work that is not turned in on time or early will not be accepted and therefore will be recorded as a zero (0) in the gradebook.  However, your lowest assignment grade out of the nine will be dropped.

Syllabus 3340