Attendance Policies

Special Note:
As the fashion industry is one of the most competitive career areas in the U.S., it is essential to develop professional habits and strong work ethics early in order to significantly increase your chances of success.  Among these habits are attendance, punctuality, honesty, integrity, completing all work entirely and on time, respect for others and enthusiasm for your work.  As such, many of the course policies reflect these and are set to engrain these habits into your way of life as early as possible, making you a much more employable person.

Attendance Policy for Studio Classes:
Attendance and participant in this class is mandatory.  In addition to maintaining the appropriate average in any class, ATTENDANCE WILL AFFECT THE FINAL GRADE IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS: 

As this class meets only twice a week, students are allowed 2 absences from this course during the semester. Each additional absence will result in the loss of 10% from your final course average.  (Department Policy).

Absences and Tardies:
An Attendance Sheet will be located at the front of the classroom.  After the official beginning of class the sheet will be marked and all subsequent signatures will be considered tardy.  It is YOUR responsibility to sign in – not the instructor’s.   Students that are in class, but did not sign in are still considered absent.

Three tardies equal one absence. If a student misses more than 15 minutes of class they are considered ABSENT regardless of whether it is at the beginning, during or at the end of class. If you leave within the last 15 minutes, but before you are dismissed, you are tardy.

ALL absences count regardless of being excused or unexcused.  However, an excused absence will allow you to make up missed work, whereas an unexcused absence does not.  An excused absence is defined as a verified illness, family emergency, religious observance, or University-sponsored event.  A doctor’s note is required for an illness to be excused.  Notice of funeral or some other form of official documentation is needed for family emergencies.  ALL UNDOCUMENTED ABSENCES are unexcused.

All excused absences must be accompanied by proper documentation within ONE WEEK of the student’s return from his or her absence.  If documentation is not provided within one week, the absence will count as unexcused.

Officially Approved Trips:
The University of the Incarnate Word Catalog states that the person responsible for a student missing class due to a trip should notify the instructors of the departure and return schedule in advance of the trip.  The student may not be penalized and is responsible for the material missed.  (p.66).  Remember: This still counts as an absence.  It just means you are allowed to make up your work within the pre-arranged amount of time.

Religious Observances:
 A student who is absent for the observance of a religious holy day will be allowed to complete the  assignment scheduled for that day within one week of  the absence.  Prior notification to the instructor is requested.  Remember: This still counts as an absence, however, students are allowed to make up work within the pre-arranged amount of time.

TARDIES are worth 1/3 of an absence.  Each tardy counts.  Once you have exceeded the allotted 2 absences or equivalent of 2 absences, each tardy will be worth 3.33 percent of the final course grade (1/3 of a letter grade).

So, according to this, here are some scenarios:
Absence examples:
2 absences, no tardies = no points off (still within the allotted amount).

No absences, 6 tardies = 2 absences, no points off (still within the allotted amount).

2 absences, 1 tardy = 3.33 points off (over the allotted amount by 1 tardy).

3 absences, no tardies = 10 points off (over by 1 absences, DROP 1 LETTER GRADE).

2 absences, 3 tardies = 10 points off (DROP 1 LETTER GRADE).

3 absences, 1 tardy =  13.33points off (over by 1 absence, 1 tardy).

5 absences, no tardies = 30 points off (FAIL CLASS REGARDLESS OF PROJECT AND ASSIGNMENT GRADES).


Anyone who completes the semester without any absences OR tardies of any sort will be bumped 1/3 a grade letter on the Overall Course Grade. In other words, your grade will go from C to C+ or B- to B or B+ to A-, etc. D+ will go to C since there is no C-. Only an A cannot be bumped because there is no A+.

Class Participation:  Participation in all classes is expected and required.  All work is expected to be turned in on time.


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