Final Project for Knits – Group Sweater Collection

This is a GROUP project.  If approved, your collection will be shown on the runway at the Cutting Edge Fashion Show in Spring.

There are progress check-points noted on the schedule that your group must meet.  These are separate homework grades.

This project is meant to impart a greater understanding of the design and production process as practiced in the knit industry.  You will learn not only how to do design, source, and develop a basic knit group, but you will also experience how to do these as a group, the common industry practice.

Requirements (one complete submission for the group):

  • 100 sweater sketches (cohesive group) to present for culling - homework grade
  • 30 refined drawings (cohesive group) to present for culling - homework grade
  • Yarn samples for collections - homework grade
  • 12 finished final sweater samples
    For each of the 12 sweaters:
  • Production patterns
  • Direction card w/ front and back flats (inked or computer)
  • Test muslins
  • Completed specifications pack
  • knitted swatch out of similar yarn
    Additionally, also submit:
  • An inspiration/mood board for the group – size and format is up to the group
  • A 2-4 page finished illustration of the group (portfolio worthy)
  • A line sheet of the 12 pieces


  • You will present your sketches to the class for 1st culling.
  • Then you will present the semi-culled group to the faculty for final culling.
  • Lastly, you will present the group to the class and other faculty the day of the final.  This will be a serious presentation.

After the products are graded, they will be sent to Hai Yang, China for production.  Hai Yang is the sweater production capital of China.  Once your patterns are received by the manufacturers, they will determine whether or not your patterns can actually be manufactured.  There is a possibility that you may not have your sweaters returned to you, so please understand this.  We are in partnership with a manufacturer and that is simply the way things work.

This is a group project and a group grade.  Please try to work out all issues by talking it out amongst yourselves before coming to me.  Remember that working with others is a two-way situation – everybody has to be flexible and understanding.


YARN websites

Pattern gradesheet

muslin gradesheet

garment gradesheet

Direction card instructions Direction card sample Direction card file
Knit Spec pack Sample Specs Linesheet File
  Sample Line Sheet  


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