Final Project for Knits – Group Knit Collection

This is a GROUP project. But much of it is worked individually. So don't panic

There are progress check-points noted on the schedule that you must meet.  They are separate homework grades.

This project is meant to impart a greater understanding of the design and production process as practiced in the knit industry.  You will learn not only how to do design, source, and develop a basic knit group, but you will also (to some degree) experience how to do these as a group, the common industry practice.

Requirements for the GROUP:

  • An inspriration board for the line (homework grade)
  • A line sheet for all garments

Requirements for you INDIVIDUALLY:

  • 20 sketches of ensembles for the line (each - individual homework grade)
  • a complete paper pattern for your assigned/chosen ensemble - using the pattern guidelines (neatness REALLY counts) - this is turned in earlier than the rest, but is still part of the project grade.
  • A test muslin for your assigned/chosen ensemble using the muslin guidelines
  • The completed sample garment(s) for your assigned/chosen ensemble in appropriate fashion fabric using the sample garment guidelines - this will be turned in early with the final pattern.
  • A direction card for each of your DESIGN patterns
  • A spec pack for each of your garments in your ensemble
  • A portfolio quality illustration (full layout) for the entire line. Each of you makes a complete illustration so that you will have it for your portfolios.

Pattern gradesheet

muslin gradesheet

garment gradesheet

Direction card instructions Direction card sample Direction card file
Knit Spec pack Sample Specs Linesheet File
  Sample Line Sheet  


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