Sweater Project
  • You will design and create a (semi) CREATIVE Sweater. A pullover-type sweater is a good starter.
    • It must be sweater knit fabric
    • Its design must be approved by the instructor
    • It must be completed in appropriate knit fabric
    • Everyone in the class will use the same yarn and color as specified by the instructor, but you may choose knit texture patterns
    • You must explore a different shape than you did with the T-shirt (a different look).
    • You may work in any misses, juniors, or women's size you like.
  • Submit:
    • A complete paper pattern for the design using the pattern guidelines (neatness REALLY counts) - 35% of grade
    • A test muslin using the muslin guidelines - 10% of grade
    • The completed sample garment in appropriate fashion fabric using the sample garment guidelines - 50% of grade
    • A direction card for the pattern - 5% of grade
    • You will submit a specifications pack as a separate grade

Pattern gradesheet

muslin gradesheet

garment gradesheet

Spec pack file Spec pack sample  
Direction card instructions Direction card sample Direction card file


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