Year 2 Notebook

Second year students will complete a specified series of techniques in sample form. These samples will be housed in sample notebooks for future reference. There will be 3 submissions of the sample notebook.  Each submission builds upon the previous to create a complete notebook at the end of the semester. You will have to keep up with your lessons and complete unfinished lessons before the next class each week. 

The finished pieces will be submitted for grades. For the final submission of the notebook at the end of the semester, you will also have to provide a completed set of embroidery charts of 2 of the exercises (specified by the instructor). The samples, charts, and journal notes will be combined into one complete, cohesive notebook. 

You will present this to the class on the day of the final.  Further specifications will be given to you on-line and in class.  You must be present at the final or you will fail the class.  Specifications will be issued in on-line.

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