Basque Patterns

A basque is a strapless corset-like garment that extends past the natural waist.

We will be using this as the foundation to an evening gown. Think "classic Dior".

  • Basque gown design pattern:
    • your design must:
      • be strapless
      • extend somewhere between the hipbones and the knees (the bodice, that is)
      • have a big, fluffy, tulle-supported skirt
      • be fully lined
      • be fully boned
      • have a zipper closure
      • be gorgeous
    • the pattern must:
      • utilize the princess torso sloper (welcome to modify the living daylights out of it)
      • Include:
        • the gown pattern
        • the lining
        • the underlining (support)
        • facings
        • interfacing
        • instructions for cutting tulle (# of layers, size of of panels) if using rectangles
        • proper patterns for ANYTHING that is not a rectangle
        • show all placement marks (like boning and closures)
        • leave NOTHING to guess
        • MUST submit the tulle/tier math.

Note: there is a pre-submission deadline for the muslin foundation. Missing this deadline will result in a 30pt deduction from the muslin grade.

Every paper pattern must have a completed muslin that adheres to the muslin standards. Use canvas or other appropriate weight fabric for underlining of dress. Use tulle or other appropriate fabric for skirt fluff.

Every paper pattern must adhere to the pattern standards. Turn in Gerber basque on a thumbdrive, otherwise adhere to the pattern standards for that pattern. No muslin needed for the gerber pattern.

Muslin gradesheet

Pattern gradesheet

Ball gown beginnings worksheet

Tier arrangements worksheet

Tier Math worksheet: PDF or Word Doc

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