Final Project
  • You will design and create a complete ensemble (dress or top and bottom)
  • You will:
    • Use at least one of the sloper sets that you created in the course
    • Use a MODIFICATION of one of the techniques from the Pattern Magic book (however, you’re welcome to work from Pattern Magic vol 2 or 3 if you prefer)
    • Use the industrial machines for at least part of the sewing
  • Submit:
    • A complete pattern for the design using the pattern guidelines (neatness REALLY counts) - 30% of grade
    • A test muslin using the muslin guidelines - 10% of grade
    • The completed ensemble in appropriate fashion fabric - 30% of grade
    • A portfolio-quality portfolio illustration (2-page layouts and mini-lines work best) complete w/ a photo of the completed garment - 15% of grade
    • The production order for the garment(s) – typed (an example will be posted soon) - 15% of grade

Note: there is a pre-submission for the 1st pattern test muslin. Missing this deadline will result in a 30pt deduction from the muslin grade.


  • Red Dress competition or other competitions
  • Try to be different
  • Details are everything


Pattern gradesheet

muslin gradesheet

garment gradesheet


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