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Kimberly Howard

Optical Revolution

This collection of separates has classic design elements twisted into interesting shapes with unexpected tailoring. Techniques like shadow knitting, the juxtaposition of mismatched patterns and the use of iridescent fabrics serves to create optical illusions in each garment.


  1. Asymmetric collared shirt with pencil skirt and sheer overskirt.
  2. High-low cape with knit top and skinny pants.
  3. Top-stitched flared crop top with hand-knit gored pencil skirt.
  4. Asymmetric top with knit fall front hot pants and a sheer overskirt.
  5. Asymmetrical princess top with bow. Stirrup fall-front leggings.
  6. Top with self-tie waistband and a tiered straight skirt.
  7. Asymmetric shirt with a two-piece sleeve and skirt with sheer flounce.
  8. Hand knit sweater with detachable collar with princess-seamed leggings.


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