Patterns and Test Muslins

Patterns must be entirely complete, including any linings, facings, interfacings, underlinings, closures, etc. Test muslins are due at the same time.

  • All paper patterns must be turned in on a pattern hook.
  • All patterns must be transferred to paper and trued.
  • No fabric patterns will be accepted.
  • Any small patterns must be placed in a 1 gallon Ziploc bag OR large mailing envelope with your name, and look number on it. 
  • All garments must have hanger loops and be turned in on hangers.
  • Submit with a DIRECTION CARD (including a flat of the look) attached to the pattern hook
  • The test muslin must be checked for fit at the beginning of the class
  • The muslin must also include all the pattern pieces as you are testing the pattern AND fit


Direction Card File Direction Card Instructions
EXAMPLE Direction Card  
Pattern gradesheet Pattern submissions
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