Portfolio and Resume


You will be required to turn in an updated portfolio and resume.  This means that you will have your illustrated line from Senior Collections 1&2 with photos (minimum of 6-7) of your looks in the portfolio.  Include your latest version of your resume.

  • Update Resume - turn in Print AND Electronic version, please
  • Portfolio - ditch any bad projects.
  • Fix what Lalon said to fix in Portfolio class
  • Update your Sr. Collection Project
    • Fresh Illustrations
    • Photos of EACH Look - front and back where needed. Professional only. Can be from the shoot or stage.
    • INTEGRATE the photos into the layout OR create professional lookbook
    • Integrate your linesheet into the portfolio. The linesheet format from Advanced Design is preferred.
    • Create and integrate a tech-pack for at least one garment from the collection into the portfolio.
  • Update your Online portfolio (I will need the URLs)
4350/60 Schedule