Attendance and participation in this course is mandatory.  As this class meets only twice a week, students are allowed 2 absences (or equivalent thereof) from this course during the semester.

Each additional absence will result in the loss of 10 points from your final grade average (of a possible 100).  Meaning, each additional absence will cost you a letter grade.  Five (5) absences or the equivalent thereof will result in an F in the course and the student must retake the course.  (Department Policy).

ALL Absences count regardless of being excused or unexcused.  BUT an excused absence will allow you to make up missed work, whereas an unexcused absence does not.  An excused absence is defined as a verified illness, family emergency, religious observance, or University sponsored event.  A doctor’s note is required for illnesses to be excused.  Notice of funeral or some other form of official documentation is needed for family emergencies.  ALL UNDOCUMENTED ABSENCES are unexcused.

Absence due to officially approved trips:  The University of the Incarnate Word Catalog states that the person responsible for a student missing class due to a trip should notify the instructors of the departure and return schedule in advance of the trip.  The student may not be penalized and is responsible for the material missed.  (p.66).  Remember: This still counts as an absence.  It just means you are allowed to make up your work within the pre-arranged amount of time.

Absences due to religious observance – A student who is absent from classes for the observance of a religious holy day will be allowed to complete an assignment scheduled for that day within a reasonable time after the absence.  Prior notification to the instructor is requested.  Remember: This still counts as an absence.  It just means you are allowed to make up your work within the pre-arranged amount of time. (By the next class period).

TARDIES are worth 1/3 of an absence.  Each tardy counts.  Once you have exceeded the allotted 2 absences or equivalent of 2 absences, each tardy will be worth 3.33 points (1/3 of a letter grade).

After 15 minutes you are ABSENT.  If you leave more than 15 minutes early, you are absent.  If you leave within the last 15 minutes, but before you are dismissed, you are tardy.

So, according to this, here are some scenarios:
Absence examples:
2 absences, no tardies = no points off (still within the allotted amount).

No absences, 6 tardies = 2 absences, no points off (still within the allotted amount).

2 absences, 1 tardy = 3.33 points off (over the allotted amount by 1 tardy).

2 absences, no tardies = 10 points off (over by 1 absences, DROP 1 LETTER GRADE).

2 absences, 3 tardies = 10 points off (DROP 1 LETTER GRADE).

3 absences, 1 tardy =  13.33points off (over by 1 absence, 1 tardy).

5 absences, no tardies = 30 points off (FAIL CLASS REGARDLESS OF PROJECT AND ASSIGNMENT GRADES).

An Attendance Sheet will be located at the front of the classroom.  At the given time, the sheet will be marked and all subsequent signatures will be considered tardy.  It is YOUR responsibility to sign in – not the instructor’s.   Students that are in class, but did not sign in are still considered absent.

Anyone who completes the semester without ANY absences OR tardies of any sort will receive 1 extra point to their overall average.

Syllabus 4382