Paris Journal

  • Take pictures of everything from take-off to return (but don’t annoy people w/ camera flashes!!!!)
  • Write down your impressions of:
    • The trip in general
    • The people you come across
    • The culture
    • The fashion
    • The food – make sure to try new things!
    • Being in a country that speaks a different language and your attempts to speak that language
    • Having to deal w/ Euros (currency)
    • The tours
    • The city
  • Write down anything interesting that happens
  • Write down anything else you want to tell us about
  • Post it all on your Facebook event  page for your Journal
  • IF you have a blog or other on-line location (tumblr, Instagram) that is better for posting, you’re welcome to use that, just post a link to that location on your Facebook event page and give us your username so we can follow you.
  • Note that I have given you permission to “invite” additional guests to your journal , your fashion assignment, AND your cultural site events.  So you can let other Facebook friends see what you’re posting.
  • Post is complete by 5/21 11:59 pm (midnight)
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