Project 2

Paris Shopping Assignment

Part 1 – Class Report Assignment

  • Sign up for a set of Paris stores
  • Research your 2 stores
  • Prepare a brief (3-5 minutes) presentation on each store
    • Include:
      • Location (actual, neighborhood, what it’s near)
      • What type of store is it?
      • History
      • What do they sell?
      • What are they known for?
      • What is their style?
      • Anything interesting?
      • Show us lots of pictures
    • This can be any type of presentation as long as the whole class can see it


Part 2 – Project 2
In Paris:

  • Go to at least 1 of your assigned stores (both if you can)
  • Take lots of pictures
    • Outside
    • Windows
    • Inside – where possible
    • Lower level shops – try taking pics in the dressing room w/ a friend
  • Get a business card
    • Take a picture of it or scan it so that you can post the image
  • Try to get a picture of a shopping bag – Does NOT mean you have to buy anything. Could ask to take a pic or take a pic of a shopper making a purchase (with permission, please).
  • Note: If you EXPLAIN that you are completing a class assignment, often you will be given permission to take pictures and ask question.  However, sometimes this backfires.
  • Take notes
    • What are they selling?
    • What are the prices?
    • What do the customers look like?
    • How are you treated?
    • What are the sizes?
    • What quality are the products?
    • What type of décor does the shop have?
    • Are the products on display?
    • Can you get in the shop w/out ringing a bell?
    • What kind of security does the shop have? (Big, burly men? Cameras? Chains on the clothes? Something else?)
    • What do the windows and displays look like?
    • Anything special about the shop?
  • Post all this on Facebook for everyone to see by 5/21.  We will probably make individual pages or events for each store so that you have room to post.
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